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We put Tik Tok sensation Tree Hut’s scrubs and shaving oils to the test

We put Tik Tok sensation Tree Hut’s scrubs and shaving oils to the test 2

By now you’ve probably heard that Tree Hut – the body care brand that’s going viral on Tik Tok – is finally available in SA. Known for their deliciously-scented sugar scrubs and body butters, Tree Hut believes that every body care routine can be transformed into a self-care ritual.

The key to their success? Bringing the spa into your home with their delectable range of body care products that not only smell fantastic (the scents are out of this world!) but are filled with goodness too. Filled with high concentrations of plant-based ingredients, all the products in the range are free from parabens, sulphates and artificial ingredients.

Our editor put two products from the popular Moroccan Rose collection to the test: the Shea Sugar Scrub and the Moisturizing Shave Oil. Here’s what she thought:

“It’s no secret that I had high expectations when these Tree Hut products landed on my desk. As a beauty editor I test a lot of beauty products – some great, some not. I know what to look for in a great product and I’m generally pretty good at gauging the quality before I’ve even used it.

I expected big things from Tree Hut because I know how popular and highly regarded the brand is in the States (in 2022 they won a prestigious Allure Best of Beauty Award, after all), and I’ve heard beauty editors from just about every international publication rave about it.

I’ve been using my scrub and shaving oil for a couple of weeks now and I have a lot of thoughts around the products. But to sum it up: I totally get it now. I understand why a simple sugar scrub can evoke such hype.  

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Tree Hut Moroccan Rose Shea Sugar Scrub is one of the best body scrubs I have ever used. And trust me – I have tested many. It is absolutely everything I want in a scrub: the granules are fine, and because they’re sugar (and not salt) they are ultra gentle on the skin thanks to their rounded shape. But gentle doesn’t mean ineffective – my skin feels smoother, looks brighter and is less prone to ingrown hair since I’ve been using this.

The scrub contains shea butter and an array of nourishing oils, including Moroccan argan, rosehip, evening primrose, avocado, macadamia, sweet almond, safflower and orange oils. It feels lovely and luxurious on the skin, and once it’s been rinsed, skin feels moisturised and soft.

And now the part that everyone is talking about – the scent. Some brands are just known for their beautifully-scented products and I had heard that Tree Hut rivals them all. The Moroccan Rose scrub smells like a dream. It literally has the best scent of any scrub I’ve used before. And coming from me, that’s a big deal, because I’m not the biggest fan of rose-scented products in general. I use the scrub in the shower, and the steam makes the scent move through the whole bathroom… Plus it still lingers on my skin once I’ve dried off.

We put Tik Tok sensation Tree Hut’s scrubs and shaving oils to the test 3

But the scrub isn’t the only star of the show as I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed using the Moroccan Rose Moisturizing Shave Oil. While it says “oil”, the texture is more like a gel-oil, as it is almost jelly-like when pumped but spreads like an oil. I lather my legs before shaving and my razor glides across my skin with ease – no nicks or cuts and it allows me to get a really close shave.

I’m guilty of being lazy when it comes to shaving, and have often used conditioner or soap (a big no no!), which leaves my skin feeling taut and dry. Thanks to the inclusion of shea butter and a variety of nourishing natural oils, this shaving oil has the opposite effect. My skin feels hydrated after shaving, which is something I’ve never experienced before.

Like the scrub, this scent is absolutely amazing, and while it’s not a prerequisite for a great product, it sure makes the shaving experience far more enjoyable.

Some might say it’s not reasonable to get so excited over a body product. I disagree. Tree Hut aims to help you bring the spa home and to elevate your body care routine so that you don’t just go through the motions, but actually love every second of it. It’s worked for me and I am so excited to try more variants in the range (which is extensive, by the way). I’ve got my eye on the Exotic Bloom, Coconut Lime and Coco Colada variants next (I’ll have to slowly work my way through them all!).
Anien, Editor

Tree Hut products are available for purchase online at Shop the Moroccan Rose Shea Scrub here and the Moisturizing Shave Oil here.


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