We review the Placecol Vitamin & Mineral Smoothie Facial

We review the Placecol Vitamin & Mineral Smoothie Facial 1

Our editor was lucky enough to visit the President Hotel in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, a few weeks back to experience the Placecol Vitamin & Mineral Smoothie Facial. If you’re looking to try a facial that infuses your skin with nutrients while giving it a real inner glow, this might just be for you!

What they say:
The new Vitamin and Mineral Smoothie facial is the perfect solution for a real energy boost to revive neglected and tired skin. This treatment is packed with powerful active ingredients and the potent delivery of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants boosts skin health and wellness by intensifying cellular immunity and defence, resulting in healthy, radiant and glowing skin for days. Incorporating techniques such as double-layer masking, deep exfoliation and collagen repair, it is no wonder that this facial is the answer to many skin related prayers.

The ingredients include a potent combination of Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, as well as ATP (the essential compound that provides energy within our cells). This along with the powerful B Vitamins, Vitamins A, C and D, L-lysine plus electrolytes to name a few others, revives and re-energises to promote overall skin health and wellness. A tingling, sensorial experience from the special crystals used in the exfoliation process and the refreshing scents of berry and citrus scents are an added bonus.

What we say:
“Whether it’s the pandemic, the weather, my lifestyle or even my age… My skin’s been looking a little bit dull lately. When I was presented with the opportunity to try a Placecol facial, I immediately went for the Vitamin & Mineral Smoothie Facial because it made use of vitamin C – a fantastic ingredient to combat dullness and pigmentation.

Designed to give your skin an energy boost and glow, this treatment is packed with active ingredients including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. A series of carefully selected products are used to thoroughly and deeply exfoliate, double-layer mask and repair the skin. My treatment started off with a quick skin analysis, followed by a double cleanse. Next up was deep exfoliation – although I don’t often struggle with breakouts, my therapist noticed that a few areas on my skin were congested, and the deep exfoliation would sort that out for me.

After exfoliating, it was time for double-layer masking, and I always find this to be the most enjoyable part of a treatment, because it’s when you get to relax while the mask does its work. While the masks did their thing, my therapist treated me to a lovely scalp massage – I almost fell asleep!

Once the mask was removed, she applied moisturiser and SPF. My skin had that post-facial-glow when I left the hotel and this lasted for a good few days thereafter.

Overall the products used smelled incredible – some lovely fruity flavours like orange and berry came through in the cleanser and masks, adding a lovely sensorial element to the facial. Thank you so much to Placecol and the President Hotel for the lovely treatment!”

Book your next Placecol treatment by visiting www.placecol.com or calling +27 (0)11 086 9800. The Vitamin & Mineral Smoothie Facial costs R450.


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