What not to stock up on this Black Friday

What not to stock up on this Black Friday 1

Buying in bulk has its perks, especially when you’re nabbing great deals on Black Friday. Beauty products can be pricey, so spending a bit more on extra items when you’re getting a decent discount can save you some serious cash in the long run. But have you given any thought to which items you should buy in “bulk,” and which you shouldn’t? Some products are designed to last, and others simply aren’t. Here’s our take.

Buy extra:

Personal care items
Personal care items like razor blades, toothpaste, tissues, cotton pads and other essentials are worth stocking up on when the price is right. Not only do they not expire quickly, but they can also get very pricey (have you SEEN the cost of razor blades???). Buying in bulk could see you save hundreds in the months to come – totally worth it in our books!

Soap and shampoos
So while you may not see the point in hoarding a cupboard full of soap and shampoo, stocking up on a six-month to twelve-month supply is extremely economical. Plus, it means you won’t run out unexpectedly.

Fragrant candles and home fragrances
Beautifully scented candles cost a pretty penny, and sadly do not last as long as we’d like them to. If you can get your favourite candles or home fragrances at a fraction of the price, stock up on a few of each scent. They won’t expire for a couple of years to come and provided you keep them in a cool dark place (like inside a cupboard), the scent won’t fade either.

Avoid buying too much:

Colour makeup
Unless it’s a lipstick shade you fly through and buy over and over, don’t buy colour makeup in bulk. Eyeshadows last for ages, so no need to have more than one or two of the same shade at home. Same goes for blushers and bronzers. And avoid stocking up on nail polish – sadly these have a shelf-life that sees them go gooey after a while, and most of us can’t even get through one bottle before it gets too thick to use.

This is where the waters get murky. Logic tells us that skincare is expensive, so why not purchase extra when there is a discount applicable? Our skincare needs change, which means that although you may be battling an oily T-zone right now, you may find that in six months’ time, you’re not. Hormones, stress, medication and lifestyle factors may all influence your skin and its needs, which means it’s very common to see changes in your skin, regularly.

Some products can be used regardless of whether your skin concerns change (think hyaluronic acid moisturisers and serums, gentle powder exfoliants and makeup removers). Buying a couple of these won’t hurt, but best stick to one unit of treatment or specialised products.

Your favourite fragrance is half price… so tempting to buy several bottles! If you’ve ever forgotten about a perfume in your cupboard, only to find that the scent was different the next time you used it, you weren’t imagining it! Fragrances change when they age. Not only do their scents change, but the liquid in the bottle also typically takes on a darker, yellowed hue. And – shock, horror! – it can happen to new, sealed bottles too. From the day it is produced, a fragrance has a shelf life of between three and five years. If it’ll take you longer than that to get through all the bottles in your cart, put them back.

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