What’s the deal with miscellar waters?

With miscellar water being all the rage and several drugstore brands having their own version of the “wonder water,” I’m curious to know whether or not it makes a major difference to one’s skincare routine? Does cleansing with a miscellar water followed by a mild cleanser cause less damage to one’s skin than say a scrub followed by a cleanser?

MIscellar water and cleansing water

Dr Maureen Allem from Skin, Body & Health Renewal responds:

“Hi and thank you for your question on a subject that is rapidly gaining popularity.

Micellar cleansers are designed to perform as waterless make-up removers for those who wish to quickly remove make-up with minimal effort (great for traveling and late nights!). They are composed of fatty acid esters which trap dirt and make-up for easy wiping away.

I am not sure that they have a great penetration into the pores, however, and if you have an oily skin type they probably won’t feel effective. I would reserve them for traveling if you have a drier skin type and continue to use your deep cleansing routine whenever possible rather.”

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  1. I use the micellar cleansers from Bioderma (pink bottle) and the Gatineau one as well. The Bioderma one feels just like water but it removes my waterproof mascara like a dream. The Gatineau one is great for the whole face and is just as extremely mild.
    I like to bring one of these along when I’m away from home (gym or weekend away) and I’d do two rounds of swiping my face with a cotton wool pad. The first one is to remove the makeup, second to remove any traces and then I’ll follow up with a toner and serum or moisturiser.
    If I’m at home, I’d use the micellar water to remove eye makeup, swap the cotton wool pad to the unused side and swipe the rest of my face and I’ll follow that up with a normal cleanser.
    It’s a great product to have! I much prefer it to cleansing wipes.

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