Wrapped around Incoco – review

I think I will forever be a die-hard Incoco nail wrap fan. They are just so easy, stay on forever and look so cool! Again, I am more one for the plainer shimmers (well not plain, but you know what I mean) rather than the patterns. But I just love this gold shimmer! These are super easy to do at home, and last a good two weeks.

How it works:
An Incoco colour manicure set is composed of double-ended strips that provide a wide range of sizing options. One sheet of strips has eight nail polish strips. Each strip has a different size on each end, for a total of 16 sizes on each sheet. An Incoco colour manicure set includes two of these sheets – one for each hand.

Wrapped around Incoco – reviewTips:

1. Clean and buff nails
For the best results, clean and buff nails lightly. Push back cuticles

2. Apply thumbs last
Start with pinky and work toward index. You’ll use thumbs often during application.

3. The strips are flexible
Gently stretch vertically to make a strip longer or narrower. Gently stretch horizontally to make a strip wider.

4. Use immediately after opening
Air will cause the nail polish to become dry. To save unused strips, place them back in original silver package and tightly seal with enclosed silver tape.

5. To remove, use regular nail polish remover

Incoco nail wraps are available at selected salons, Sorbet, Wellness Warehouse and Dischem stores nation wide, at a recommended retail price of R130.


20 Responses

  1. I’ve used Incoco nail wraps a few times. My first attempt was a bit of a flop because I needed to get familiar with handling the product and understanding how elastic is can be. Removing it was fairly simple – you just need to let the nail polish remover to sit a little longer in order to dissolve it.

  2. Waow! My sis is always complaining “I don’t have a flattery pair of nails” Will defenitely share this with her.

  3. I’ve had such bad experiences with wraps I’m nervous to waste anymore money on them. They always peel or lift! Maybe it’s just my nails. I havent tried this brand though?!

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