Gimme More Moor – review

Gimme More Moor – review I like everything about Moor products: I like the light, fresh fragrance; the simplicity of the range; the sturdy packaging and the pleasing deep blue colour of the tube of Intense Body Cream.

I had been using the Neydharting Moor Intense Body Cream for a while and when I was invited to the Lis Spa to have a body treatment, I didn’t need to be asked twice. So on a rainy, wintery day, I went to the spa and took off all my clothes, donned the feeble (alarmingly tight) paper G-string (I mean, really, why bother?) and allowed my neon white, wintery body to be covered in mud. And when I say mud, I don’t mean: mud-like substance. This is ACTUAL mud from the Neydharting Moor.

The Neydharting Moor in Austria contains all manner of anti-ageing botanicals, herbs and vitamins which have been used for their ability to calm, soothe, balance and clarify the skin and body, for centuries. The mud wrap is a great detoxifying treatment, and despite being covered in mud and wrapped in plastic, I felt incredibly relaxed.

The treatment itself lasted almost an hour and a half. I was covered in the mud and wrapped up during which time Robyn gave me a foot rub. There is something about lying in a cocoon, on a heated blanket, getting your feet rubbed which is intensely soothing. (I positively snapped at the delightful Robyn when she tried to disturb me. All she wanted was for me to turn over so she could continue rubbing lotion into my body, but I thought she was trying to make me go home and I was not ready yet.)

After the foot rub and the mud wrap, I showered and returned to my heated bed for a back massage. I was covered in the Moor Intense Hydrating Body Cream. The bliss. I cannot describe it.

And then I was sent home. I was reluctant, I can tell you. But I felt so relaxed and clean and happy. Thanks Robyn and the Lis Spa!

The Moor Body Wrap is R550 from Lis Spa, 17 Wolfe Street, Chelsea Village, Wynberg. Call 021 761 0759 to book your appointment.

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  1. thank you for your review as i have heard of the moor spa range and was contemplating keeping the products in my salon

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