4 Easy steps to a glam blow dry

5 Easy steps to a glam blow dryYou step out of the salon with bouncy, glossy hair. But somehow when you have to blow dry it yourself, it never looks the same. Follow these four easy steps and you can give yourself a glam blow dry.

1. Prep Hair

After a shower, blot strands with a towel, then spritz them with a volumiser; concentrate the spray on areas where you want extra body and lift (say, the crown or on the sides). Then start blow-drying. If you wait too long, your hair can get frizzy.

2. Dry in Pieces

Section off the bottom layer of hair, then divide it into 3cm pieces. Position a medium-size round brush under the roots of one of the segments, and roll it as you blow-dry to ‘add shape and shine.’ The idea is to work your way up, tackling the crown last.

3. Twirl Ends

On your last pass through each handful of hair, stop just short of the tips; tilt the brush so it’s vertical, then give it a twist so the hair is wrapped around it. Aim the dryer nozzle there for a few beats, then let strands cool off before unwinding. Hello, bounce!

4. Work in Waves

‘Adding loose curls can make this look festive and fun,’ says Normant. First, run a light pomade or creamy wax over strands to smooth flyaways. Then grab a curling iron and hold it vertically next to your head. Divide hair into thick sections. Wrap the bottom half of each around the iron; hold a few seconds before releasing.

And voilá: bouncy, shiny, salon-perfect hair – all from the comfort of your own home. No credit card required!

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This article originally appeared in InStyle

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