5 Power products with multiple uses!

power products

Have you ever looked at your beauty stash and wished you could pack it all into one heaven-sent product that could do absolutely everything? While we’re pretty sure that this miracle product is the stuff of dreams, there are a few things out there that lend themselves to helping you with not just one or two of your beauty needs. Here are the multi-purpose gems you should add to your shopping list.


Translucent Powder

So you may already use this to set your makeup, but did you know that it’s a great substitute for your favourite dry shampoo? Just dust a bit onto your roots and brush away. And if you’re after supersized lashes but stuck with regular mascara then add a bit of translucent powder after your first coat of mascara, run the brush through your lashes one more time and you’re good to go!


Epsom Salt

These unassuming little crystals are all you need to turn your bathroom into your very own spa. Mix Epsom Salt with a sweet-smelling essential oil of your choice to create custom bath salts, exfoliate by massaging some salt over wet skin, or add a bit to your facial cleanser for a refreshing clean that goes right down to your pores.


Coconut Oil

By now you’ve probably heard the rumours. And guess what? They’re true. With tonnes of beauty and health uses, coconut oil comes pretty close to being that miracle product we’re hoping for. Out of make-up remover? Grab your coconut oil. Need to pamper your hair? Use coconut oil as a hair mask. You can even use it as a moisturiser for your face and body.



You really should have a tub of this somewhere in the house already. This versatile jelly can be mixed with a blush or eye shadow for a creamy paste that you can uses as lip-balm, a bit on your skin before your spray on your perfume makes the scent last much longer, dab some on your lips to set your lip colour, or – like trusty coconut oil – use it to take off your makeup at the end of the day.



Your favourite shampoo is also suited for much more than just keeping your hair fresh and clean. Use it in place of shaving cream when you need to get rid of those pesky hairs, or when you’ve run out of shower gel, and keep your makeup brushes in top condition by washing them with shampoo every now and then.


Have you got any tips and tricks to share on power products? Come on, share below.


5 Responses

  1. I use all these products for all these things :) so useful and cost effective! The only one I havn’t tried is epsom salts.

  2. Epson salt is part of my lifestyle, I soak my feet in it, drink it to clean stomach and as a exfoliater!

  3. Coconut oil is part of my beauty regime. A simple cost effective product. Best a used as a heat treatment for dry scalp hair. Vaseline is my miracle wonder jar. Apply on clapped heels at night and put on socks. Within two weeks you see the amazing results. No more rough cracked sore heels. Multi purpose uses and reasonable pricing.

  4. I always use vaseline and coconut oil for various things. Vaseline is always in my bag to moisturise my hands and lips.

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