8 bad haircare habits you need to break

8 bad haircare habits you need to break 1

Your hair is your pride and joy, it’s time you start treating it as such. A few simple changes will go a long way. Here are the seemingly small bad hair habits you need to break, now.

Wearing rough elastics

Scrunchies may seem old school, but they are the best to use in your hair as they are covered with material. Those thin hair elastics we are all used to can cause terrible damage to our hair strands if they are pulled too tight, and also when they are pulled out. Try something loose or even try pinning your hair back with clips if you need to keep it out of your face.

Too many chemicals

We all love the look of a fresh head of highlights or a new hair colour. We also love the fact that Keratin treatments make our hair so much more manageable. But, too much colouring and an overload of chemicals can cause damage and breakage. If you love a good colour every now and then, try keeping your touch ups to a minimum and always nourish your hair pre and post treatments with a hair mask and protective products.

Turning up the heat

Turning your hairdryer up to the highest temperature seems like such a good idea during winter as it warms us up while we dry our hair. The same goes for our flat irons – selecting the highest degree also seems like a good idea as it will straighten our hair even better and faster. But all this excess heat strips our hair of its natural moisture. When this happens our hair becomes dry, which eventually leads to breakage and split ends. Always remember, the less heat, the better. Try to style your hair when it’s as dry as possible, so instead of sopping wet hair, wait for it to be damp.

Skipping the heat protectant

We are all guilty of this. It is so important to use a heat protectant spray every time you style your hair to protect it from heat and styling damage. It will help maintain the moisture in your hair shaft, plus prevent breakage. A light spray does wonders!

Overdue haircuts

If you find yourself staring and picking at your split ends, it’s time for a trim. This is a wake-up call that your hair needs a cut. The longer you leave it, the more your hair will split, causing it to become thin and weaken. Dead ends don’t add to the length of your hair and they don’t exactly look great. A trim every month or so will give your hair a fresh look.

Brushing from your roots down

Brushing from the top down isn’t such a good idea – it causes your brush to get stuck half way and leads to hair breakage. Rather start by brushing from half way down your hair, toward the ends and smooth out. Once all the knots are out, move further up and apply gentle strokes. This way you’re brushing in a gentler way, causing less damage.

Brushing wet hair

When your hair is wet, it is most susceptible to damage. Don’t ever use your brush to go through your wet hair, rather use a wide-toothed comb to get any knots out and to smooth your hair. Avoid rough towel-drying too as this is a rough action that pulls the hair strands and causes breakage.

Applying too many products

Yes, we have mentioned the importance of applying a heat protector each time you style, but only a little bit is needed. The same goes for the rest of your products – less is more. You don’t want to weigh down your hair and cause build-up by applying too much and too many products. Rather start with a little bit of product and slowly build it up if you need more.


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