A guide to hair colour

A guide to hair colour 1

Keen for a change? A good colour and primp will serve as the perfect pick-me-up and it’s a great way to update your look. With so many new terms, we break down the basics and erm, highlight some daring new colour trends to try as spotted at the Matrix Trend Show this week.

Colour-Melting: Don’t be alarmed. This technique doesn’t involve actual melting, but rather the process of combining and perfectly blending two or more colours. The ‘melting’ effect creates a seamless transition between an assortment of colours from a darker base to a lighter end result (see above). It boasts a beautiful gradation of colour from mermaid, to rose gold and mocha melts, and holographic tones, making multicoloured hair look as natural as it can be. ‘Unicorn hair’ never looked so good.

Permanent dye/Tinting: As the name suggests, this is a permanent form of colouring one’s hair. Considered ‘old school’ compared to the newer techniques, it’s still a great way to introduce colour into your life. Tinting creates a more natural-looking effect with one colour used from your scalp to the ends.

Demi-Permanent: Perfect for newbies considering a fresh new look, without the damage or commitment. You can play around with a new colour but it is less harmful because the dye does not contain ammonia.

A guide to hair colour 2

Panel Colouring: This is a special technique where sections and panels of the hair are isolated to create contracts. This technique also allows for variation of colour as it depends on how you style or part your hair. The colour will look very different each way you wear your hair. For a subtle effect, use complementary shades and for a more dramatic effect, use contrasting shades. Panel colouring has been used to achieve the ‘Hidden Rainbow’ effect above.

All-over bleach: Bleaching or going platinum blonde is quite popular among celebs. This hair dying technique involves bleaching and stripping hair of colour, which looks great but needs a lot of maintenance. Step aside, Khaleesi.

Highlights: A popular choice among colour-seekers. This trend involves creating streaks of lighter colour and adds body and definition to hair.

Babylights: These are super fine highlights, creating a subtle dimension of colour. Great for regrowth, it offers natural-looking colour for a sun-kissed effect.

Lowlights: Complement your highlights and blend it with your natural colour. This technique creates streaks of darker colour.

Bronde: Noted as a major hair trend for 2017, Bronde gives you the bombshell blonde look with a brunette twist. It’s more low maintenance than going full-on blonde and provides a summer feel all-year round.

Ombré and Balayage: Used interchangeably, this hair trend has remained a popular choice. While there may be some confusion, Ombré is the style and Balayage is the technique. Ombré is a French word that means shaded. Hair is darker at the root and blends into a lighter colour towards the ends. Balayage is a French word which is translated as sweeping or scanning, and that’s exactly the effect the colour creates. You work as close to your natural colour as possible and then introduce different shades, from blondes to warm tones of red. The two-toned colour gradient has become very popular but it must be done correctly to achieve the desired effect- or it could look like a dip-dye instead, which is a more extreme form of ombré.

A guide to hair colour 3

Geode: This trend (pictured above) is taking over Instagram. From wedding cakes to geode lips, nails and hair, ladies are lining up and experimenting with colour in a major way. Inspired by actual geode rocks lined with crystals, hair is dyed in an ombre-like fashion with crystal colours mixed and sometimes hidden in sections of the hair. It creates a myriad of colours, from amethyst and dark hues, flowing into glitter roots. If you’re feeling spontaneous and you’re keen to make a statement, this one is for you.

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  1. I have always wanted amethyst coloured hair but have been too scared! Good to know there are a lot of options if you are a “beginner.”

  2. The geode look! LOVE! Also, galaxy hair is a big thing too, that I’d love to try one day :)

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