A Twist in the Tail

ponytail updated looksA ponytail is hair styling’s best friend: always classic and so fuss-free that practically every woman has worn one! But let’s face it, the good ol’ pony can be rather boring. Here are five updated looks we love:

A French roll kinda pony

“Create a pony tail that sits low, in the base of your neck – a winner for women with thin hair as it creates the illusion of thickness,” says Shelene Shaer, co-owner and stylist at Tanaz, Hair, Body and Nails. Once your pony is secure (tie it with a fabric-covered hair band in the same colour as your hair) make a parting in the hair at the base of your tail (so just above the band) and pull your tail through this gap, she explains. The look you have now is a mini French roll on either side of your hair band.

The teased tail

This is a great look to create if you’re going from work to a drinks party as it takes your pony into a sexy up do. “Brush your hair into a pony that sits high on the top of your head,” says Shaer. Next, tease the tail section by backcombing it so it becomes messy. And next, simply twist it around the base of your hair band into an “undone bun” securing with natural-colour hairgrips.

The half-finished pony

If your hair is on the thicker side, try this look that means you don’t have oodles of hair draped down your back. Pull your hair into a ponytail either mid-way between your crown and nape of your neck or in the nape of your neck. Tie your hair band around your ponytail only once though and then instead of pulling your tail all the way through the second time (so that it looks like a ponytail), pull it half way so it forms a loop and the ends are tucked under.

Half up, half down

Girls with fine or thin hair shouldn’t do this (it’ll only emphasise the problem) but if you have medium to thick hair, you can pull this off no problem, says Shaer. Comb your front section of hair back (about half to a third of your total amount of hair) and secure this section into a half ponytail that sits on the back mid section of your head (so, not too near your crown but not at the nape of your neck). Next, spritz a little hairspray onto the palms of your hands and smooth them over your head so that any fly-away pieces around your face are tamed.

The natural hair band

This is such an easy tweak that you can make to a pony tail of any height. Once your pony is firmly secured in its hair band, simply take a small section of hair (about two centimeters in width) from the back and twist it around your hair band so it covers it. Secure the ends underneath your band with hair grips, tucking them into your hair so they’re unseen.

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9 Responses

  1. Great tips, but I follow better with pictures. Maybe for future reference there will be pictures? ;)

  2. When in doubt, do the ponytail..
    Makes you look younger > check!
    Easy and reliable>check!

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