Question: Acne For 10 Years

Hi Dr Allem I really hope you are able to help. I've had acne for 10 years. I've tried most products, cheap to expensive such as Johnston & Johnston, Garnier, Neutrogena, Ponds, Vichy, Clinique,, the list goes on. I tried those products over a space of ten years for periods of not more than six months each as I know it takes about 3 to 6 months to see any significant difference. I have been using one dermatologist for that period as well but not consistently. Every time I have a serious blackout I would go back. The oral contraceptives I've been using are puromycin and its generics. It works for a while but over my monthly cycle I would get break outs and it would it would take another 2 weeks to clear and so the cycle began again for me. The pills were use in conjunction with Benzac and Differen gel. I was recently put on Bactrrim. When I did the research, it seemed like it was stronger than puromycin but I had the worst break out after only one week. I went back to my dermatologist and she put me back n puromycin again so stopped going. I then heard of a beauty spa were they steam your face and pop your pimples with the roots (very painful) along with that I was put on anon acidic diet. I have to go to the fracas every 2weeks were they pop my pimples every time. They ave me a face wash and cream as well as ascorbic acid and vitamins. I haven't seen any significant results with that. I am also worked bout the scarring relating to that. I haven't been on Accutane as I don't have severe acne but I need to get rid of these pimples. It's very frustrating. I take zinc supplements, a multi vitamin and drink green tea everyday. Have stopped as much sugar as possible and red meat. Please help.


Wow, you really have been through a lot! I am going to be straight forward and honest with you. I do not think you should waste any more of your money going back and forth and not getting any results. You need to see a Integrative Doctor (such as the doctors we have at Skin Renewal). This Doctor will be able to go through your lifestyle with you, consult you on what supplements and products you are using, and will also be able to do a blood work-up for you to see what is going on with your hormones and your various indicators in your blood. Then you would be able to get a prescription of exactly what YOUR body needs to be in balance. The other option of course is to consider going onto a very low dose of of an oral Accutane, and many patients have great success with this. At the end of the day you need to decide what is best for YOU, and ensure that YOU are happy and taken care of in the best possible way at the end of the day. If you would like to come and see me or one of our Doctors at Skin Renewal, please do so! We have various branches in Gauteng, The Western CApe and opening in Natal in August, and we will very gladly assist you. Please google us:

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