Question: Acne Prone Skin

Hi, I have had acne since I was 11 years, I tried a lot of products on the market and wasn't satisfied.I don't have enough cash for cosmetic skin procedures.My skin is oily and I break out a lot on my chin area.It leaves dark scars marks.I am desperate for good advice and good skin care products that are not to pricey.I don't wear a lot of makeup and home remedies are a waste for me.


Thank-you for your enquiry. I understand that you’re trying to get the best possible result without spending too much, but you will then have to bear in mind that your result is going to take longer to achieve and you are going to have to be more patient and really persevere. My suggestion is to treat the skin both internally and externally. I reccommend you purchase Acnevelle tablets to take as an oral skin supplement to get the skin under control from the inside. I then also highly reccommend that you at least purchase a very good facial sunblock that you need to be absolutely dedicated to wearing every single day, to prevent your marks and scars from becoming darker and darker with time. I also suggest you at least use a moisturiser which contains Vitamin A at night time to work on the exisiting marks, prevent new ones and slowly start mormalising the skin’s functions. There are various options here, but I suggest you use something that is really a good quality product, I reccommend the Vit A products from any of the following brands: Skin Medica, Lamelle or Neostrata.

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