Question: Acne Scares

What product can I use to treat my acne scars? Some of them are red, others are quite dark.


Unfortunately, using a topical product on its own is not going to give you dramatic results on acne scarring. Acne scarring forms as a results of injuring the dermis, which is the very deepest layers of the skin, and topical products focus mainly on the more superficial layers and are not able to influence the dermis enough on their own. You need to consider a combination of products and treatments. There are a few things you can do: 1) Use a good product for the scars, like Scar Science, or TNS Recovery Complex (by Skin Medica), or Dermaheal Intensive Cellular Regeneration Serum (by Lamelle). 2) Use a sunblock everyday on your face to stop the scars from darkening and pigmenting. 3) Consider coming for a course of treatments to focus on the problem. It’s difficults to tell you what we would need to do without seeing your scars or how severe they are, but we would possibly look at skin needling, or chemical resurfacing or laser or possibly a combination of some of these treatments. If you’d like to see the results we have had and find out more, please have a look at

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