Question: Boxcar Acne Scars

hi, i have boxcar acne scars on my cheeks, what methods can i use to get rid of them? i am indian.


Unfortunately, when it comes to scarring there is very little that you can do to make a dramatic change on your own with just using home care products. If you really want to make dramatic improvements you have to combine treatments with good home care products to get good results. These scars are present due to damage to the dermis, and unfortunately your home care products will only get you to a certain point. We need to incorporate treatments such as carboxy therapy, skin needling, and/or meso therapy and/or laser therapy or more than likely a combination of these to really get you any dramatic results and you would have to make sure you maintain and re-condition your skin using a good home care products. It is very difficult for me to give you any specific advice without actually seeing what your skin looks like. When it comes to scarring, every skin is different and treatment has to be tailor-made for YOUR specific scars and skin condition. Are you near enough to any of our Skin Renewal Branches for you to come and see me or one of our Doctors?

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