Question: Tca Peels

would at home tca peels help with boxcar scarring? are there any side effects if used onindian skin?


Thank you so much for your question. I have to be honest with you and say that TCA is a very tricky acid. Any product house that makes TCA for “home use” has got to make it mild enough so that there cannot be any dramatic penetration or that there are no risks involved with using these peels at home. For us to affect scarring, we have to affect the dermis and a “home care peel”, is not going to be powerful enough to resurface the skin to affect scarring. In most cases, peels are not our 1st choice when it comes to treating scarring (they are certainly a great “helper treatment” for scarring, but they are not the number 1 best option). Most scarring requires a combination of treatments as there are a few things we need to affect to try and “resurface” the skin to even out scarring. Usually a combination of carboxy therapy, skin needling, laser and meso therapy is required, and even then, you will not always get the scars to be 100% removed, we can really just ensure that they appear much smoother and more eve and less visible.

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