Question: Combination Skin

I have combination skin, however, my nose tends to get very dry on the side. I have tried numerous products but nothing helps. I do mositurize twice a day, but this does not help.


What you are describing sounds like your skin’s barrier has somehow become impaired. There are a few things I would advise you to check; 1) Are you using a harsh cleanser? Ideally you don’t want anything that is too soapy as this will make your problem worse. 2) Is your moisturizer highly perfumed? This is often a complaint we get from patients who use moisturisers that are very fragranced. What we need to do is get that barrier functioning properly again so that this problem is not on-going or does not become worse. I would recommend that you hold off on the moisturiser you’re currently using and just replace it with Serra Restore from the Lamelle product range. You must make sure that you also (regardless of what moisturiser you use), apply a good SPF on a daily basis. I would suggest you use the restore cream and SPF for at least 8 weeks, then you can look at going back to your regular products. I would highly recommend, however that you check out your current products for any ingredients that may be irritating your skin. If you need help doing this, please call one of our Skin Renewal Branches to assist you. We can even have you come in for a thorough skin analysis so that we can take a closer look at this problem and give you an idea of what sorts of products you should be using for your particular skin.

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