Question: Dark Circles Under Eyes

Hi, I have dark circles under my eyes that have a some creases as well. By mid-day my eye make is sitting in the creases and makes me look old and sick. I am looking for a cream/gel to use that might assist in possibly making the dark circles lighter and assist with the creases. Many Thanks. Melissa


Hi there Melissa. Thanks so much for your enquiry. I’m going to be straight with you and tell you that I have found, the best way to solve this issue is to have an under eye filler. It works wonderfully. It last for about a year, so you only need to have the treatment once a year, and the results are practically immediate. For this issue that would always be my first choice of treatment. There are plenty of other things you could do, treatment-wise, and of course the use of good products that support the skin around the eye is also really great to use to prolong and maintain your results, but I would highly reccommend under-eye filler for you. If you’d like me or one of our Doctors at Skin Renewal to help you with this, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Branch.

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