Question: Dermalogica Skincare

Hi Dr Maureen I just want to know what's your opinion about dermalogica products? Do you really think its worth the high price tag? I have hormonal pigmentation and large pores.I've heard very good things about the age smart line and i just want to know from you if this product will keep my skin beautiful.I am planning on using this brand for the rest of my life,i want to stay on one product.


Thank-you for your enquiry. You’ve actually asked me a very difficult question. The reason being the following: 1) Dermalogica is not a local brand, so the reason for the high pricing does have a lot to do with the exchange rate. 2) You have to use what works best for YOUR skin with YOUR specific concerns… so you have to ascertain whether this is the best product choice for YOU. 3) It is not necesarily a good idea to pick all your products exclusively from one range and one brand. You want to cherry pick the best from the best to give your skin a good comprehensive program for your particular concerns.
The Age Smart range is very good, provided it is what YOU need.

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