Question: Dry Or Dehydrated

Hi, Your practices are a bit far from me and I don't really drive so that's going to be a bit hard to get to you! Is it possible to have dehydrated skin and acne at the same time. My forehead is very, it has a lot of little lines but becomes very oily through the day, I have acne on my cheeks, but not on the apple area?


Yes, it is absolutely possible, and not at all uncommon. In your case you need to get the hydration levels balanced, get the skin’s barrier functioning properly and you will find that this problem will the most likely resolve. If your acne is sitting low on the cheeks, ie on and / or just above the jawline, this is normaly a sign of hormonal imbalance. Most ladies sort this out by going on to a mild contraceptive pill to contol the skin.

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