Question: During Winter My Skin Dries Up Very Harshly And Gets Scaley! I’ve Tried All Types Of Facial Creams And Oils? How Can I Solve This Problem?

During winter my skin dries up very harshly and gets scaley! I've tried all types of facial creams and oils? How can I solve this problem?


It sounds like your problem is a bit more severe than the average ‘dry skin at winter time’. There is an absolutely fantastic product made by Neostrata, called ‘Problem dry skin cream’. Of all the preparations I have tried for severe dry skin, this is definitely one of the top products for this problem. Do be aware that you will have to use it continually (morning and evening) for at least a month to get lasting results. If you research this particular product you can see some before and after pictures of some of the conditions it has been used on with quite amazing results.

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