Question: Firstly, I Looked At Your Fritzpatrick Skin Type Differential And I Must Be One Of The Odd Ones Out, So I Took The One Closest – Fritzpatrick Skin Type 2. I Have Dark Drown Hair, Striking Blue Eyes, Skin As White As A Ghost (which Will Have A Striking Yellow Glow After Continued Sun Exposure) And I Have Hardly Any Freckles. Here Is My Problem. I Am 35 And Have HORRIBLE Dark Rings Under My Eyes And After Having My Two Children Some Dark Brown Marks On My Face. Believe Me When I Say I Tried Everything To Get Rid Of The Dark Rings And Marks, But Nothing Seems To Work. What Can You Recommend?

Firstly, I looked at your Fritzpatrick skin type differential and I must be one of the odd ones out, so I took the one closest - Fritzpatrick Skin Type 2. I have dark drown hair, striking blue eyes, skin as white as a ghost (which will have a striking yellow glow after continued sun exposure) and I have hardly any freckles. Here is my problem. I am 35 and have HORRIBLE dark rings under my eyes and after having my two children some dark brown marks on my face. Believe me when I say I tried everything to get rid of the dark rings and marks, but nothing seems to work. What can you recommend?


Hi there! Thank-you so much for your enquiry.

I would definitely say that dermal fillers are excellent for the treatment of dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles are very difficult to treat without treatments, your homecare products can most certainly assist but you’re going to need to use products in conjunction with products. I can also recommend treatments like carboxy therapy. You should look into using active eye products such as the Skin Medica eye products. As for your pigmentation, that is going to require some closer investigation as we would need to ascertain whether or not your pigmentation is deep or superficial.

There are so many good medical ranges out there that we could recommend, but again I would say that the choice of product is going to be determined by the type of pigmentation on your skin. I would say that you should look into ranges such as Lamelle and Skin Medica and Elure. Why not book a consultation with a medical aesthetic doctor and get the very best treatments and products prescribed for your dark circles and your pigmentation so that you don’t keep getting these disappointing results that you’ve had thus far?

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