Question: Have You Heard Of A Program Called “Naked Beauty” By Joey Atlas? A Way To Banish Cellulite, That Orange Peel That I Dread. Wanted To Know If It Really Works Or Is A Scam? What Can One Do To Banish Orange Peel?

Have you heard of a program called "Naked Beauty" by Joey Atlas? A way to banish cellulite, that orange peel that I dread. Wanted to know if it really works or is a scam? What can one do to banish orange peel?


Thanks so much for your enquiry. To be perfectly honest, I have never tried this program myself, so I cannot really give you a fair comment on this. What I will say, is that there is no miracle fix for cellulite and orange peel. This is a condition that you have to manage indefinitely. Remember that there are so many factors that cause and worsen cellulite and there are many things that you can do to improve the condition, but curing it completely, is very difficult. It is a lifestyle condition and unfortunately our genetic predisposition also plays a huge part. You need to look at your diet, your water intake, the amount of rest you get, taking supplements to combat oxidative stress and then also a good treatment regime. I’ve seen wonderful results with the Velashape System, and many of my patients are using Patricia Clarke Gel as their homeare product with great results. I’ve also seen fantastic results with Carboxy Therapy. The trick is also, once you’ve reached satisfactory results, to maintain your results. For more information on Velashape and Carboxy therapy please feel free to contact any of our Skin Renewal Clinics or have a look at our website.

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