Hi Dr, Do Skin Lighting Lotion, Soaps, Oil That Are Sold By Hawkers And On The Market Work? Are They Safe To Use? I Saw One In A Link Pharmacy, But They Are Not Manufactured Here In S.A. And Are Readily Available.

Hi Dr, do skin lighting lotion, soaps, oil that are sold by hawkers and on the market work? Are they safe to use? I saw one in a Link Pharmacy, but they are not manufactured here in S.A. and are readily available.


I would say that it is definitely a risk to just randomly purchase lightening preparations off the shelf or from hawkers. It’s very important to know what ingredients you are applying to your skin to affect your pigmentation, and very often, if you just buy something off a shelf somewhere, you will be disappointed. The reason I say this, is because if you walk into a shop and purchase something off the shelf, you must realise that those kinds of products have to cater for the general public, and cannot possibly contain the types and concentrations of active ingredients that are prescribed by aesthetic medical professionals. Be very careful when trying to treat pigmentation. It is definitely a good idea to seek the proper help and advice of and aesthetic Doctor.

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