Question: Hi Dr. Maureen, My Over All Skin Colour Is Really Tanned Brown & Nice But My Problem Areas Are My Inner Thights, Knees, Under Arms, Back Of Neck, And Elbows Which Are Darker Then The Other Areas Of My Skin. Please Could You Help And Direct Me In The Direction On Which Products To Use And How Can I Help To Bring It Back To It’s Natural Colour I Use Lotions But I Do Not See Any Results In It Getting Darker. Also What Is The Best Thing To Use For Pigmentation On My Upper Legs And Back Side Area? Thanks In Advance.

Hi Dr. Maureen, My over all skin colour is really tanned brown & nice but my problem areas are my inner thights, knees, under arms, back of neck, and elbows which are darker then the other areas of my skin. Please could you help and direct me in the direction on which products to use and how can I help to bring it back to it's natural colour I use lotions but I do not see any results in it getting darker. Also what is the best thing to use for pigmentation on my upper legs and back side area? thanks in advance.


Thank-you so much for your question. You’d be surprised how often this happens in people with darker skin. All the areas that experience friction (like inner thighs, or necks rubbing against collars or too much sun exposure in the area) or lots of movement (like the elbow and knee joints) can be darker. It’s actually fairly common. First thing you need to start doing is make sure you do NOT leave the house without sunblock over the exposed areas (so your neck, your arms, your legs (if you’re wearing short clothing where your knees are exposed). You also want to make sure you are using a powerful product for pigmentation prevention on ALL those darkened areas. I recommend something like Lumixyl, which is available at all our Skin Renewal Branches. If the pigmentation is really very severe, I would suggest you let one of our doctors have a look, as you may need something a bit more targeted to just help you get a quicker result.

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