Question: I Suffer With Severe Freckles. What Is The Best Way To Cover Them Up Without Using Too Much Foundation Or Concealer?

I suffer with severe freckles. What is the best way to cover them up without using too much foundation or concealer?


Hi Wendy

Personally, I think freckles are really beautiful, why would you want to cover them up? There are products out there that give a more stage make-up effect to your skin, but they are not your average beauty brands, something I won’t recommend on an everyday basis. Some more common brands can give you fantastic coverage to hide some of the blemishing, but for that you would need to use the product religiously. From experience with clients I can tell you honestly that applying a thin layer won’t get you the result you seem to want. Maybe you could consider going for a mild acid peel to lighten the appearance which in turn would make the application of products easier, but try not to over do it.

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