Question: Hi. How Do I Go About Getting Rid Of My Acne Scars From When I Was A Teenager?

Hi. How do I go about getting rid of my acne scars from when I was a teenager?


Hi there. This is quite a challenge as the treatment of scarring is quite a slow process, but if you are patient and willing to go through the process, you can expect really great results. You need to remember that a scar is a permanenet injury to your dermis, so your scars will always be there, but we can certainly greatly improve them, and in some cases, depending on how severe the scars are,  we can really get them to be barely noticable. It does require coming for regular treatments, and treatments can include carboxy therapy, laser therapy, chemical resurfacing, laser resurfacing with the Pearl and Pearl Fractional Lasers. You will also have to get good homecare products to help us speed up and maintain the treatments results. Best idea is for you to let us have a look and give you the best advice based on what we we see on your skin. I hope this is helpful.

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