Question: Hi, I Am Looking For A Serum For My Dry Ends That’s Effective And Won’t Break The Bank. Any Suggestions?

Hi, I am looking for a serum for my dry ends that's effective and won't break the bank. Any suggestions?


Hi Marelize

There are many different oils and serums on the market, but not all of them penetrate into the hair, and that can cause an awful build up on the hair. Argan Oil is the new wonder drug for the hair. It is an oil that is derived from the kernels of a nut that comes from the Argania Spinosa tree in Morroco. It seals in split ends, protects your hair from all free radicals and helps blowdrying go quicker, as well as it’s anti-frizz properties. There are other professional oils that go through a massive scientific process to enable the molecules to be small enough to penetrate the hair. Coconut, Grapeseed and Avocado oils have been proven to be very effective in the moisturising of one’s hair, however in their natural state, the molecules are too big and only sit on the surface of the hair.
My favourites:
DIKSON Argabeta Oil 30ml (R195) 100ml (R320)
REDKEN All Soft Argan Oil (R279)
MATRIX Silk Wonder  (R155)
HAIR GO STRAIGHT Anti-frizz humidity blocker (R240)
Hope you find the right product!
MIRRORS hair lab

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