Question: I Struggle With Flaky Dry Facial Skin. Does Not Matter If I Exfoliate Or Put On More Rich Night Creams, My Skin Looks Liks A Snake Shedding Skin.

I struggle with flaky dry facial skin. Does not matter if I exfoliate or put on more rich night creams, my skin looks liks a snake shedding skin.


I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having such trouble sorting out your skin. It’s a bit difficult to diagnose your condition without taking a good look at your skin, but from what I can hear you saying… It sounds to me like your skin’s barrier function is badly impaired. It could also be that you are using products that are only moisturizing your skin’s surface and are not penetrating deeply enough to reach the problem areas in the skin.

I would suggest that you consider getting that skin’s barrier working properly by using something like Lamelle’s barrier repair cream and their Dermaheal hydrating SPF and some HA serum and also include Skin Medica’s TNS Ceremide Cream. Then once you’ve got that skin protecting you properly and functioning well, then you add things like your active serums including anti-oxidants and growth factors.

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