Question: Hi!I Am Only 24,I’m Really Concern About My Dark Circles And Wrinkles Around My Eyes.PLEASE Plz Plz Kindly Help Me,I’ll Be Vry Greatful…

Hi!I am only 24,I'm really concern about my dark circles and wrinkles around my eyes.PLEASE plz plz kindly help me,I'll be vry greatful...


Thank-you so much for your question, and I would very much like to help you! You need to help me figure out what has caused this. Do you have problems with your kidneys at all? Or are you just someone who really sleeps very poorly? Or is it a case of you perhaps not having looked after your skin very well, and now these signs are starting to show? Do you perhaps suffer with water retention and poor drainage (often get swelling and puffiness)? All of these things could cause you this problem. Very often I use the technique of injecting dermal filler under the eyes and this sorts this problem out beautifully… but sometimes (depending on the cause of your problem), that is not the best treatment choice. It’s definitely very beneficial to use a good eye product that promotes drainage and really hydrates the eye area very well as this will certainly help the condition but also help to maintain the results of any treatment option we end up choosing. Treating an eye area could require anything from Carboxy therapy, to Botox to Laser Therapy. It really does depend on your particular skin. Are you close enough to any of our Skin Renewal Branches, so that you can come and see me or one of our Doctors?

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