Question: I Have Dark Pigmentation Spots On The Inner And Outer Edges Of My Eyelids. What Treatment Do You Recommend I Use In Order To Decrease The Spots?

I have dark pigmentation spots on the inner and outer edges of my eyelids. What treatment do you recommend I use in order to decrease the spots?


We have some really amazing options to treat pigmentation. We really need to take a look at your skin and determine the type and depth of ths pigmentation on your eyelids. The problem with treating pigmentation on the lids is always swelling and sensitivity as the skin around the eye is so fragile. So we would also need to have a look at what your particular skin is able to tolerate. Your treatment could include anything from topical products, to the use of medically applied mask treatments, to the use of oral supplements, or even just applying products containing tyrosinase inhibitors to even out that pigmentation. Why don’t you make an appointment with one of our medical aesthetics doctors so that we can get you onto the best possible treatment plan?

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