Question: I Use A Good Foundation That Is Quite Thick But Generally Doesn’t Last The Whole Day Even Though It Says 16 Hour Coverage. When I Appply It In The Morning My Skin Looks Flawless And Soft But Throughout The Day My Freckles Start Showing And Red Spots Appear Again? What Can I Do?

I use a good foundation that is quite thick but generally doesn't last the whole day even though it says 16 hour coverage. When I appply it in the morning my skin looks flawless and soft but throughout the day my freckles start showing and red spots appear again? What can I do?


Hi Seane

Most foundations even the long lasting ones, have a tendency to fade as the day progresses. Not because of the product but because of so many external factors. Heat, rubbing and touching of our faces, ect. All these play a part. It is unavoidable. The best advice I can give is that before applying your foundation use a good face primer, this assists in keeping your make-up in place for up to 12 hours. After you have applied your foundation, lightly press your translucent powder into your skin with a powder puff. This normally helps to keep natural oils at bay. Avoid using too much powder in areas prone to creasing. Once this is done apply a fixing spray over your entire face. Always keep your make up on hand to touch up during the day. 

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