Question: I’m Light-skinned But My Skin Is Uneven. I Have Been Using Ponds Perfect Colour Complex, But My Skin Seems To Becoming Even Darker. I Would Like To Know Which Other Product I Can Use For My Oily Skin Type.

I'm light-skinned but my skin is uneven. I have been using Ponds perfect colour complex, but my skin seems to becoming even darker. I would like to know which other product I can use for my oily skin type.


Pigmentation is a real problem for many of us, but it is vital that we are very diligent in how we treat our pigmentation, as it is a condition that needs to be managed on a permanent basis. It is SO important that you make sure you wear a good broad spectrum sun protection product on a daily basis (even in the winter!). It’s good that you have been using something on your skin, and while you may have been doing great at treating the surface of the skin, unfortunately the deeper layers of the skin are continuing to make more pigmentation below the area that you are treating. SO you need to use something that will slow that process down as much as possible, by using a product that will inhibit pigment production. In our clinics we have a few of these, such as, Lumixyl, Lamelle’s Brighter Concentrate serum, we use various products from the Mesoestetics range, we also highly recommend Lamelle’s Ovelle capsules. You need to get the balance right in your skin, by ensuring it is properly hydrated, by ensuring you are suppressing those pigment-making cells, and then protecting your skin from further risk of injury from the sun and from other aggressors that cause pigmentation. You may also want to consider going for treatments to help this process speed up and to target those specific areas that are concerning you. I would highly recommend that you have a proper skin consultation and get yourself on to the right products for YOUR needs.

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