Question: Ingrown And Chicken Skin Legs

hi there, i have the worse legs. i have ingrowns and also i have chicken skin. there is also the fact that my hair grows over night on my legs....please desperate and i have all these pretty dresses but i cant use them


I’m so sorry you are having this problem. I would definitely say that you are a good candidate to consider having laser hair removal. If you can remove the cause of the problem, then rather do so. The other thing you may want to think about, is trying to find out why the hair is growing so fast and "out of control?" Do you perhaps have a history of this in your family? Have you had any hormonal treatment or been on  any medication that affects your hormones? Sometimes something as simple as balancing out your hormone levels can sort these issues out, amd then you are quite able to carry on your life as normal and have your hair growing at a normal rate? At Skin Renewal we would be able to help you explore both options to help you with this problem. Why don’t you caontact your nearest branch and et us have a look at the problem and let’s get this sorted out for you?

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