Question: Low Carb Diets

Do these work well? What would you advise one avoid on such a diet?


Low carb diets in general are not a good option, as carbs are an essential nutrient for providing the body with energy. Whilst a short-term low carb, high-protein diet will deliver results, as protein keeps you fuller for longer and eating less, your body would soon adapt to the limitations and reach a weight-loss plateau. Timing and carb-cycling is a better idea, where you can stick to one or two days of a high carb intake followed by two or three days of a carb-restriced diet. Never being too stuck in your routine is far more effective at keeping your metabolism fired up than eating an identical low-carb diet every day. In general, stick to complex carbs, whole-grains and lower GI options, but if you’re craving the bad, white, refined stuff, enjoy it with fewer consequences in the 2 hour period that follows an intense workout.

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