Question: Mixing Skin Care Brands

I've never really bought into the whole idea of sticking to one skin care brand and using the products under that one specific brand. Obviously the brand and the products within each line were specifically developed to work together and maximise results. But for someone like me, who mixes brands and uses, for example, a cleanser from one brand, two serums and an eye cream from another brand and a day and night cream from a totally different brand. Is this a problem? I have actually come to find that since I started using different skin care brands, my breakouts have decreased to about one or two blemishes every few weeks. My complexion is so much brighter and my face is much, much more even-toned...the texture of my skin is so smooth and I am just so happy with how supple and soft my skin is to the touch. This obviously won't work for everybody, but is it necessary to stick to the products in one specific brand?


I am so glad someone has asked this question! You are absolutely spot on! No, you do not have to stick to using all your products from one specific brand or range. I always "cherry pick" the best from the best for my patients. We always achieve optimal results by making sure the skin gets what it needs, and if that means a serum from here and a moisturiser from there, then that is what we need to do for that skin!

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