Question: Nothing is helping with my pigmentation!

Hi, I have pigmentation marks on my cheeks and also on my upper lip. Very bad and whatever I use don't seem to work. Please advise on what I can do and use to lighten it.


The first thing we have to do is determine the type of pigmentation that you have. This may explain why the products you have tried have not worked on you. If pigmentation is very deep, a lot of the common topical products will not work. Just the pattern of pigmentation that you are describing (upper lip and both cheeks), leads me to believe that your pigmentation is hormonal. Which means you have to treat it in 2 ways, namely; from the inside AND from the outside. What we would need to do is investigate what the hormonal imbalances are that are triggering the pigmentation and treat that with oral supplements to slow down the production of pigment. We would then be able to prescribe appropriate topical products which are suitable for hormonal pigmentation to assist in treating the pigment that is already there. Would you be able to come and see me or one of our Health Renewal doctors at the nearest Skin Renewal Branch to you? So that we can assist you correctly? You can find all our branches on

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