Question: Question from ALICIA MOTSEPE

Hi Doc, thank you so much for assisting us. I have a terrible terrible dry skin. Affected areas are my face, chest and side of my arms, like severe eczema, what can I use? I use Epimax, spmetimes E45 mixed with tissue oil. The doctor has prescribed dermovite which helps but is steroid and the minute one stops, there is a breakout. I cleanse, tone and moisturize with Ponds Flawless cleanser, toner and apply the night cream, kindly kindly assist. My skin is ageing from the dryness and is so brittle and fragile. It's just depressing, please help.


Thanks very much for your question. My honest opinion is that you are having eczema manifesting on the skin, as  a result of something internal. We have had MANY such cases being handled by our integrative doctors with great success. So my suggestion is that you get a thorough consult with one of our integrative Health Renewal doctors. Are you close enough to get to one of our branches? You can locate your nearest branch on (we have branches in Natal, Gauteng, Pretoria and the Western Cape).

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