Question: How can I control my allergies?

Hi Doctor, please can you give me some practical advice around allergies? I struggle badly with hayfever, and for the last couple of months I have had a permanent stuffy and runny nose, itchy eyes and constant sneezing. I have taken all sorts of over-the-counter medications like Allergex, Texa etc, but they only last for a short while and then the symptoms return. I don't want to take medication all the time – do you know of any natural remedies / foods to eat / herbal supplements that could alleviate this?


Hi reader

Thank you for your very topical question! Hayfever (in medical terms known as seasonal allergic rhinitis) is caused by a hyperactive immune response to inhaled particles known as allergens. Allergens can include dust and pollution but are most often consisting of pollen particles which is why they are associated with this specific time of year. To improve symptoms one must aim to balance your immune response. Natural remedies include tumeric (curcumin), quercetin, omega 3&6, vitamin C and zinc.

Foods to eat include your dark green leafy vegetables, root vegetables such as carrots, beetroot and horseradish, as well as ginger, onion and garlic. Try to reduce your consumption of dairy, citrus, red meat and wheat. A homeopath friend of mine also recommends eating organic honey farmed in your area to further improve your symptoms.

Best regards

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