Question: Question from Bontle

Hi Lisa, I would like to have a flat belly as I am going away in August. How do I really do that in less than six weeks?


This is perhaps the most frequent question I get asked, so you are not alone :) Remember that there is no such thing as spot training – you can’t train your tummy alone and expect to see results there. You need to blast fat all over your body before you’ll start seeing it in the areas you want. My advice is to incorporate sprinting intervals into your cardio sessions, proven to target more abdominal fat. Then include plenty of  compound exercises, where large muscle groups are targeted simultaneously (squats with shoulder press, lunges with bicep curls etc), which will keep your metabolism fired up for longer. I only workout from home, so a few pairs of dumbbells is all you need to kit out your home for a workout. Technique is also very important for tummy exercises, you need to pull your belly button in towards your spine during your contractions rather than allow it to push out when under strain. I prefer twisting ab exercises to just linear ones, and planking is a great full core workout. Don’t forget the role that nutrition plays in a flat belly as well. A cleaner diet could be your ticket to the results you want. Sodium and sugar reduction are your fastest keys to great results.

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