Question: All products irritate my skin, what can I do?

Good day My name is Christy and I am 25 years old. I am looking for a skincare product that prevents ageing and moisturises my skin. I have dehydrated skin most of the time and need a moisturising product but not too rich a product. I have tried Clinique and it messed up my skin – I developed a light rash on my forehead. I then went and bought Dr Gobac skincare range and had a reaction to it – ezema on the side of my cheek. I then a tried La Mer skincare sample and felt like it burnt my skin and my rash reappeared. I then tried La Prairie Anti-Aging Skincare Day Cream, night and eye cream samples and am very happy with it. I then went to buy the advanced marine biology day cream and it seems to feel “hot when I put it on my face”. Is it too rich for my skin? It is also very expensive. Are there good alternatives? What would you suggest? Please help I feel clueless and ready to move to wash with water, apply sunblock and go… Regards Christy


Hi there Christy. Thanks so much for your enquiry. What you are describing is all the tell-tale signs of a skin with impaired barrier function. So basically, in your case, any product you use will cause stinging or burning or sensitivity. So what you need to do is use a hydrating product that is specifically designed to repair your skin’s barrier. There is a fantastic product that I can highly recommend and it is very affordable! The product is called Serra and it is made by a company called Lamelle. You can find this range at any one of our Skin Renewal Branches. You will notice your skin feeling very comfortable within about 2 – 3 weeks of using the product.  I would suggest sticking to that product for at least 2 months before you move on to trying anything else (that’s if you want to go back to trying some other actives again?). I’ve had great results with the use of this products on many of our patients who have experienced the same issues you have had. Please give it a go and let me know how you’re doing?!

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