Question: Question from Dorothy Basson

Hi Dr Allem I am a lupus patient and have rosacea skin. I have developed a skin allergy/ rash because I used Eucerin anti redness for extra moisture during winter. I normally use Bioderma AR and Skinceuticals Phytocorrective. It always worked fine, however due to dryness I tried Eucerin which caused such an allergic reaction that I can not get it to calm down. The dermatologist and doctor prescribed Tetralysal, Prednisone, Travocort, which did not do much then Advantan Ointment, Advantan milk, Epimax mixed with a cortisone.... there is pretty much not much I have not tried. I have a bright red cheeks and neck. My problem is that even the Bioderma and Skinceuticals now make me flare up. I also have Lamelle Serra products. I’m desperate for a product and foundation that I can try? Please can you recommend something? Anything from Skinceuticals kills me - I have tried them all. Thanks and kind regards Dorothy


Dear Dorothy,

I would advise you start on a 12 week barrier restoration program with Serra Cleanser, Serra Restore and Heliocare 360 Mineral Tolerance Fluid.  These products will assist in restoring your skin’s barrier that has been impaired due to the reactions you’ve experienced and the cortisone usage.  Gut health is extremely important when managing these conditions. You can start by removing pro inflammatory foods such as Gluten, Alcohol, Sugar and Dairy form your diet as these can be triggers for you rosacea. Supplementation can be recommended to bring down inflammation and to repair gut health.

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