Question: Question from Lynne Singleton

I need to lose more than a few kg's especially around the middle and my bum is getting fatter by the day. The only problem I have is that every time I start losing weight my breasts start sagging and it looks awful! How can I lose weight and keep my breasts looking good too (I wear a 40C bra) if that helps.


Unfortunately you can’t change your breast tissue, you can only prevent it from sagging further with good support. Many people exercise without a correct sports bra, leaving room for a few inches of movement, which can be detrimental to your cleavage! For a little ‘pick me up’, include plenty of chest exercises into your strength routine – wide armed push ups and chest flies will help. These will improve your pectoral muscles, giving your chest area the appearance of being a little perky. If you have some weight to lose, don’t let the thought of your changing body affect your progress – a healthy, fit and toned body is always first prize.

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