Question: I need some weight loss tips please

Hi Dr, Is black coffee (no sugar) with peanut butter on toasted brown bread Low GI, good for weight loss?


Weight loss is a complex issue and there are many factors to consider. If you are only going to be eating peanut butter and brown bread with black coffee, then my answer is no. Eating bread every day (brown, low GI or any other) will not help you with weight loss. Peanut butter is also NOT a health food and eating it every day could actually cause some health concerns. My advice to you would be to consult a Health Renewal doctor who can assist you with weight loss. There may be medical reasons that prevent weight loss such as insulin resistance or low thyroid function, which your Health Renewal doctor can identify and treat effectively. You will also get good dietary advice and guidance as to what foods to avoid and what foods to eat, and have support through your weight loss process. A simple and effective way to start weight loss is to remove all sugar and refined carbohydrates from your diet, which includes pasta, breads (all kinds), cakes and baked goods.

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