Question: Question from Zaheera Packery

Is there a difference between cosmetic, professional and treatment products, I've been told that most skin products available in department stores are cosmetic (Clinique, Clarins) whilst those at beauty spas are treatment/professional (Environ, Regime A, Dermalogica)? How do you tell the difference between cosmetic and treatment skincare;


Thank you for your question, Zaheera. There is definitely a difference in the various types of products in terms of the amount of active ingredients available in the product, the quality or grade of the actives and the concentration of the actives. This is why, if you buy something off the shelf from a department store, it’s very rare and very seldom that you would develop a reaction or go through a “skin adjustment phase”, as the products are aimed at the masses and so not a lot of concentrated actives are included in the formulations. Salon ranges tend to be a bit more active this is why you see better results from these, and then Cosmeceutical or medical ranges yield even better results as they contain even more actives and higher concentrations of these. This is why I always advise patients to consult a skin care professional, or a doctor who works in an aesthetic clinic to advise you on products that are specifically going to help you get the results you want to see on YOUR skin.

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