Question: Question from Zelda24 Du Plessis

Hi Maureen, hope you are well. I am 23 and have very sensitive skin, i have alot of blackheads in my face, i buy alot of expensive products, even tried out natural skincare products, my skin is also very dry, eventhough i use moisturiser (Yardley oatmeal range) would you recommend that i go for a deep cleanse facial or just change my skincare routine? Thank you!


Hello, thank you for your question. Your skin sensitivity and dryness is probably caused by your skin’s lipid barrier that is disrupted. This is a very common problem, especially in the winter months,  and most people are unsure of how to treat it. Our skin’s lipid barrier function is to prevent water loss from the skin as well as to keep harmful pathogens out. Once this barrier is disrupted we typically see a flare up of breakout or blackheads paired with sensitivity, tightness and dryness. Lamelle Serra range is an excellent range to restore this barrier and prevent water loss from the skin. Once your skins barrier is restored, I would also recommend in clinic treatments such as a Mesoglow facial. This facial will remove any dead skin cells clogging up your pores as well hydrate the skin resulting in a radiant complexion. Please refer to the following links to find out more about the treatments and the products,  & .


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