Question: Question from Oteng Modiba

Good day. i moved to a different province this year, and ever since i moved, i have had an itchy rash on my face, causing my face to become dry and patchy. i went to the chemist 2 months ago and purchased a cream meant to heal the rash but all it did was make my already oily skin more oily and worsen my acne. please help.


Thank you for your question. It sounds like your skin is having a hard time adjusting to the new climate. Sometimes moving to a different area causes the barrier of the skin to become disrupted. Our skin’s barrier is made, not only to keep harmful substances out, but also to keep our natural oils and moisture in. If this gets disrupted it can definitely cause some irritation resulting is red, itchy patches. The cream you got from the chemist is most probably just mimicking your skin’s own barrier (like a temporary barrier) and not really restoring and healing it. I would recommend using a cream that can restore this barrier, Lamelle Serra Soothing cream is an excellent moisturizer to help with this problem and it has been specifically designed to HEAL the skin’s barrier.  

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