Question: Ria Seagle

Hi! l have dark circles on my eyes and l need eye cream that’s available in Zimbabwe. Do you know of any reputable brands I can use? Are there any natural remedies?


Good day. Dark circles around the eyes can be caused by various factors and the treatment thereof will depend on this cause. It might be due to insufficient lymph drainage in the area or it might only be pigmentation that formed. A lack of sleep, stress and inflammation in the body can all be factors that play a role.

I would recommend using an eye cream daily to keep the circulation going in the area as well as hydrate and moisturise the delicate skin around the eyes. I am not entirely sure what brands are available in Zimbabwe, but we do have an online store where you can purchase a suitable eye cream. I would recommend you use Neostrata Bionic eye cream, this eye cream, if used daily, will help with all the above concerns.

Please visit to get more info on the recommend eye cream.

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