Question: Scars And Marks

I have a lot marks / scars from breakouts and I have a oily skin - especially the T section, how should I go about threating my skin, to be more clearer?


Thank you for your enquiry. This is unfortunately a common problem amongst patients who suffer from break outs and permanent oily skin. There are two things that you need to consider doing. The first, is that you really need to get onto a product range that is going to help you control all that oil production, which in turn will help keep your break outs under control. I can highly recommend Lamelle’s Clarity range for this purpose.

The second thing you are going to need to do is consider seeing a medical aesthetic doctor to prescribe some treatments for you for the scarring and the marks. Your homecare products are really very limited in what they can do to help you with scarring; you need some medical intervention for this. There are some fantastic treatments that you can research such as carboxy therapy, and laser genesis and dermaroller and chemical peeling. I would really recommend that you consider making an appointment with a medical aesthetic doctor who can assist you with the best advice.

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