Question: Sensitive Skin

hi , i have extremely sensitive skin and haven't found any product that my skin doesn't react to. i usually react in the form of a fine rash , sometimes i use a sample its great for a few days, but after 2 weeks my skin is in absolute chaos and reacts. i have oily skin. is there any product, or solution you can advise me on. that may suit my skin type. thank you


Hi there. Thank you for your question. What you need to keep in mind, is that your skin is just like your body… you would start a new gym program, and expect your body NOT to react… if that’s the case then you didn’t really gym or do anything at all, did you? The skin will react the same way to new products and new active ingredients as these will stimulate the skin… which is exactly what you DO want. The “chaos” is transient, so it should sort itself out within 14 days after starting a new product. You should expect to go through a transition phase when you start new products. The thing is to choose the CORRECT actives for you YOUR condition. I think right now your skin is just sensitive and “confused”… and you’ll probably find that your skin’s barrier is not functioning properly and that is why you’re having all these issues. So here is what I feel you should do… for the next 2 months, get yourself on to Lamelle’s Serra products. Not the whole Range, just the cleanser, and the Restore moisturiser and a good sunblock. Use that for 2 months, so that we can get your barrier restored, and get your skin acting normal again. THEN let’s re-evaluate and see where to go from there with active products.

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